Team GSS Initiatives

Quality Education

Quality Education and 100% Educated India is our prime objective. We have a few centers where the qualified teachers of Ganesh Shikshan Sansthan are continuously working to Reinovate the minds of our students. We keep searching for new ideas to make students understand the subject matter in a better and broader way.

Getting Established as the greatest university of the century is our only mission and our vision is to teach each and every student "How to Live" rather then teaching "How to make Living".

Team GSS Initiatives - Ganesh Shikshan Sansthan (Team GSS)

Save Environment

Our Earth is the only known planet on which life exists. We have a precious gift of nature which is not given to any other planet. The air we breadth, the water we drink or the food we eat is not our property. It is given to us for promoting sustainable growth and development.

We have always believed that "We do not inherit Earth from our ancestors rather we have borrowed it from our children."

Our aim is simple for this initiative i.e. to make earth a better place and gift our children a place to live and enjoy not just to survive.

Stop Child Labour

Child labour is a curse for our Educated Society. We have always stood against Child Labour because we believe that children are a rare gift of God and are future of Our Country. If they are forced into the hazardous world of Child Labour then the future of our country is dark.

Our request to you all like the child in the picture is to stop child labour in front of you.

Wildlife Conservation

This earth is the only known planet to have life. We humans have always misunderstood that it belongs to us. The truth is not what we think. It actually belongs to the wildlife and creatures whom we are killing day by day. They are living on this planet before us. We are said to be the most intelligent species of earth but these species are far better then us because of a simple fact that they don't destroy their own home.

Today they are helpless. They are getting extinct day by day because of our brutal killing. Lets join our hand and spread awareness to save them. Remember we have not inherited the earth from our ancestors; we have borrowed it from our children.

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